You can easily make an effort to bees situation and support Beepartners work

We offer the possibility to adopt bees in Beepartners hives around Gothenburg and contribute to better pollination of wild and cultivated plants.

Or why not give a green gift through a certificate. Make someone happy helping the conservation of biodiversity.

What does it cost? Well, 1 SEK cost each bee. We have gift certificates for 50:- 100: - 200: - 300: - 500: - and 1000 -

How it works:

1. You choose freely the number of bees you want to give away (minimum 50 bees)

2. Choose how many gift certificates.

3. Mail your order to with name and address.

Make a deposit to the account of Plusgiro 745009-1 Do not forget the sender.

As soon as we process your order gift certificates will be send by mail.

Want to sponsor us? - individual or companies, your contribution is welcome.

Contact us.

By supporting Beepartners you contribute to a greener world and to preserve biodiversity!

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